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Ever considered plastic surgery to help you enlarge your penis? I hope your answer is no. As much as plastic surgery works (yes, I’m tellin’ you it does), I strongly do not recommend it because it is really costly and the cost can go anywhere between 5 to 20K per pop and it is potentially dangerous and sometimes it may fail (imagine if it fails, GOD!). People have lost their lives, and sometimes their penises (which is like life too), in these procedures. That is why the best course of action I can recommend are natural exercises to make the penis bigger to penis enlarge naturally.


Warm up before exercise enlarge penis

These are exercises that are safe and work tremendously well. Before I proceed to elaborate on them, I have to let you know that you HAVE to warm up before you carry them out, just like any other exercise you do, warm up is necessary, because it keeps your penis safe and makes penis stretching and growth easier.

Warm up your penis by placing it in a “warm-up device.” This warm up device can be a simple washcloth that you warm up by placing it in semi-hot water. How warm is semi hot? As a rule of thumb, lukewarm is not hot enough, while burning hot is too hot.

Leave your penis wrapped for 5 to 10 minutes in this warm up device to warm it up… and you are good to go!

Immediately after warming, you should begin your exercises to make the penis bigger.


Exercises to make the penis bigger

Exercise #1 – The Jelq

The jelq is performed with a ‘milking’ motion on your semi-erect penis (think cow milking).  The purpose of the jelq is to force more blood into the penis than it would normally hold in it. The process of jelqing should being minimally when you are just starting out (maximum of five minutes). As you become more accustomed to jelqing, you can gradually increase the time of your jelqing sessions as you deem fit.

Exercise #2 – Ulis

A ulis is done by wrapping your hand around the base of your erect penis, using it like a tourniquet, until your penis is filled with blood and feels swollen. Hold the ulis for 10 seconds and release your grip. 10 sets of this exercise should be performed in a single sitting.

With that said, here are two very useful penis exercises that you can use to help in your enlargement process. In the case that you need more plans and exercise ideas, be sure to check out some of the other tips and recommendations I have here in this site!

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