Penis Size Facts – What You Need to Know to Effectively Penis Enlarge Exercise


To start off, here’s a fact…

Penis size facts and penis enlarge exercise both go hand in hand. And the reason for that is that without knowing anything about penis size facts, you can’t possible tell if a penis enlarge exercise will even help you.

I once read somewhere that you could drink lots of water to enlarge your penis, but that’s just plain nonsense because it doesn’t work. So here are 3 penis size facts that will reveal what kind of exercise enlarge penis.


Penis Size Facts 1 – Drinking Lots of Water Will Not Help Enlarge Your Penis

If you think that body muscles will enlarge if you take in lots of water and oxygen, you’re right.

But if you think that will help you enlarge your penis, you’re dead wrong…

Your penis is made up of sponge-like tissues called corpora cavernosa that are not designed to hold liquid permanently, including blood. And it’s a fact that your penis only remains large as long as sexual stimulation is present.

So proper penis enlarge exercise will help, but not drinking lots of water.


Penis Size Facts 2 – Medication Helps, but It Doesn’t Beat Natural Penis Enlarge Exercise

One important fact is that chambers, ligaments, and tissues of your penis must be developed with proper natural exercise in order for the results to stay, something that can’t be achieved through medication.

One of the ways it will help is that it enlarges the chambers in your corpora cavernosa so that they will hold more blood during an erection, making your penis more robust so that you last longer.

Not only that, regular exercise to enlarge penis also helps to stimulate the muscles around your penis that are responsible for ejaculation, giving you bigger semen loads and more pleasure in bed.

So before you think about taking medication to help with your penis problems, consider natural exercises first.


Penis Size Facts 3 – It Takes Time For Exercises to Enlarge Your Penis

There’s a saying that patience is a virtue, and that’s something you must bear in mind when it comes to penis enlargement.

Just like regular cardio exercise helps you to slim down overtime, natural exercises will also help your penis to increase in size overtime.

So it’s important to take note that you shouldn’t overdo your exercises just because you aren’t seeing results in a short period of time. Space the exercises out so you don’t burn out or cause yourself unnecessary injuries.

As you can see, knowing penis size facts can lead to a larger penis because you’ll know the right penis enlarge exercises to do. Be patient, don’t overdo the exercises that enlarge your penis and you’ll be rewarded with the penis size of your dreams.

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